A small, independent Pretoria-based school presents the case for online education. In a mid- and post COVID-19 world, the merits of online education are becoming increasingly obvious. However even before the pandemic, the educational world was taxed by the need for new models. Technological advances...
The top predicted ed-tech trends for 2023 are focused on apps, devices and methodologies that make schooling more inclusive. Artificial intelligence and learning experience platforms are also important trends.

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Over the last 34 years of its existence, the combination of the beautiful facilities, an incredibly supportive parent body and highly qualified, dedicated staff members has made Headway the successful, happy and well-loved school that it is!

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We have been lucky enough to receive what in Afrikaans is called a ‘voorsmakie’ (literally, a little ‘before taste’, a sample), of Woema's Afrikaans First Additional Language Grade 3 Textbook and Workbook
There is a literacy crisis in South Africa. A shocking 82% of Grade 4 children cannot read for meaning. Without the ability to decipher the meaning behind words, learners battle to answer questions related to what they have read.
Besides being motivational, the two books have an important message for us as educators: academic success depends as much on application as it does on receiving good teaching. Both stress the importance of persistence.