Teaching and learning at Durban Christian Centre School

A New World at Durban Christian Centre School

Durban Christian Centre School (DCCS) optimised the circumstances that were thrown at the world by COVID-19. As a faith-based school, we made hay while the sun shone, and chose to get creative with our technology, marketing, and finances.

At DCCS, massive leaps have been made in order to prioritise working smarter over working harder. Paper is a commodity of the past and school itself is no longer a place to just be educated, but an environment in which creativity is encouraged and efforts beyond the confines of a classroom are explored.

As a school, we pivoted in several significant ways and realised that our desire to excel academically takes a lot more than just textbooks. In a world of endless opportunity, our learners are now being educated with a view to making a real impact on all facets of society. We want to contribute to grassroots change and global change.

As a school founded upon Christ, we watch to see what God is doing in the world of education and how we can better steward learners with the leadership of the Holy Spirit, especially under unfavourable conditions.

The birth of an online school

Financially, COVID-19 made an inevitable mark on us, yet we chose to meet the challenge. As we saw many parents losing their jobs, and as the implementation of COVID-19 regulations made life even more difficult, we were intentional about seeking alternatives to supplement the reality of decreased new enrolments. We birthed an online high school which served as an additional stream of income for the school and an opportunity to widen our academic horizons.

In unique and creative ways, we mounted fund-raising efforts that encouraged interaction, promoted school sales, and connected learners to the school’s mission. Charitable efforts were rigorously encouraged in the face of the looting and devastation that rocked KwaZulu-Natal in July 2021. By supporting those affected by the chaos, we broadened and deepened learners’ awareness of those who have less than them.

From a marketing point of view, while you may have only seen our physical facility on your drive home, you can now take a virtual tour of our premises. Via social media platforms and live-streaming of events, we have introduced daily school coverage to allow parents in on every fun activity their child is enjoying. School is now merely a click away. Online enquiries for application dramatically increased our efficacy and boosted our numbers.

Painting at Durban Christian Centre School

A new sense of independence

From an instructional point of view, our school moved online for a critical period, and we were able to keep abreast of all academic requirements even at the climax of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you took a walk through our school environment, you would catch a glimpse of kids wearing headphones behind laptops alongside their peers.

You may also have found learners absent in body but present on the other side of a screen. You’d be amazed at worksheets that have been scrolled through instead of flipped through. You would find an empty classroom, but a saturated Zoom lesson.

In short we have embraced the world of digital education – a revolutionary phenomenon that has more than enough room on the bandwagon. In this way, our learners are being groomed for the working world by learning how to be independent and to thrive with the skills and tools they’ve acquired under unfamiliar circumstances.

Considering the medical implications of COVID-19, they have also become more physically aware, and thus, more able to take care of their health and wellbeing. In the same vein, they have become more conscious of their environment as it relates to the safe disposal of their masks on a regular basis and as a by-product of this, they safeguard the health of their peers.

Our core mission for 2022 is to maintain a balance between adaptability and consistency, change and security, and fun and order. A changing world calls for unchanging hope. A unique set of circumstances demands a unique approach. A new world begs for a new way, and our chosen way is to keep achieving spirit-filled academic excellence.