About Us

The purpose of Independent Education

Independent Education is a voice of people in schools – teachers, principals, business managers, governors, students and parents. Articles are usually unsolicited, and reflect the hopes, aspirations and concerns of ordinary folk, in ordinary schools, doing extraordinary things.

Our cause is education for the well-being and realisation of the potential of each individual and – through individuals – of the families, communities and nations which they constitute. The purpose of education is not to help the economy, political parties, agriculture, sporting codes, churches or anything else prosper. This may be the effect of good education, but it is not its purpose.

We believe independent education is vital for our cause. When we say “independent” we are not so much talking about the organisational and management features which distinguish public from private schools. Rather, we are talking about a quality of independence. That quality characterises education that is free, open, honest, broad – and which is not indoctrinating, constricted or serving of narrow political, sectarian or ideological interests. This quality can be found in any good school.

Qualitative independence should be the hallmark of the best education. Unfree narrowness can arise from over-rigid, bigoted, uncharitable, insensitive or unimaginative application of religious doctrines, methods, educational philosophies, community interests – or whatever the central emphases of the founding group may have been. It has happened.

The quality of schools should be judged by their quality of independence. That precious quality is the right, and within reach, of all.