Animal Attack and Defence series – By Kimberley Jane Pryor

| September 24, 2010

Published by Macmillan: 32 pages
Example of ISBN: 978-1-4202-7178-2

Given that mankind seems intent on slowly destroying the habitats of many species of flora and fauna, series such as this one are increasingly important. Macmillan’s Animal Attack and Defence Series is clearly aimed at Foundation phase pupils. We reviewed Clever Camouflage, Tricky Behaviour, Mimicry and Relationships and Amazing Armour.

As these titles suggest, each book considers how animals have evolved ingenious ways to protect themselves over the centuries. In Amazing Armour, the chapter headings include ‘Harmful horns and antlers’, ‘Fearsome fangs and teeth’ and ‘Slashing claws and talons’. Each page delivers interesting statistics and descriptive information. Author Kimberley Jane Pryor has taken care to keep each text piece short and simple, and words that are in bold can be looked up in the glossary.

The real beauty of the series, though, is the photography. Pictures are all in colour, large enough to get a sense of the size of each creature, and some are very scary! It’s not just the large or lethal animals either – Pryor has also included fascinating discussions of fauna like clams and chitons.

In Mimicry and Relationships, learners can get a sense of nature’s sheer genius; the larger implication is that we must all, to some degree, work together if the planet is to survive. A wonderfully energetic and colourful series for the young – many of whom may live in areas where they will never see such creatures. For other, luckier students – a good read before a trip to the zoo, perhaps.

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