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Asking for rain at Ashton

World-renowned pastor, Angus Buchan, came when called to the north coast of KwaZulu- Natal recently to lead people in prayer. They asked for relief from the protracted drought in the region. Desperate sugarcane farmers, community members and Ashton students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 gathered at Ashton International College.

Buchan is famous for his proclamations that he has experienced the power of prayer in the face of agricultural disaster. “Rain is a matter of life and death and the God that I know is The Rainmaker,” he declared in front of a packed pavilion and sports field. He highlighted the fact that this was a green drought, meaning that above the soil everything appears green, but underground it is bone dry.

Buchan was originally a Zambian maize and cattle farmer of Scottish descent who moved to Greytown, in KwaZulu-Natal, in 1976 due to political unrest in Zambia. In 1980, he started Shalom Ministries to preach in his local community. Over time, he has become a full-time evangelist and is renowned for his book about his life, Faith Like Potatoes. Reports Jeannie Habig, Ashton’s marketing manager, “So many people expressed a desire to be part of the event that it was held outside on a blistering summer’s day.

“Before long, we were blessed with three days of rain.”

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