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At last, more research on violent video gaming

| November 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

Those Americans hoping for tighter gun control laws are consistently frustrated.

Now researchers may have some fresh ammunition. The University of Arizona and the University of Connecticut have released a joint report suggesting that young people who spend significant time playing violent video games, particularly the firstperson shooter kind, are more likely to defend the right to bear arms.

After determining 779 participants’ violent video game habits, researchers posed a number of statements, including “anyone who wants to own a gun should go through a mandatory background check” and “armed citizens are the best defence against criminals”. Study subjects were asked to give their opinions.

The researchers concluded: “Students who spend more time playing violent video games, first-person shooter games, and use gun controllers more are less likely to support gun control policies.” Political ideology did not appear to significantly alter participants’ opinions.

The research was published in the Psychology of Popular Media Culture journal, and authors admitted that violent video games may end up repelling students just as much as they may turn them into gun lovers.

The study has been hailed as important, because it indicates that intensive research into the impact of violent video gaming on cognitive decision-making is finally being done. It has already been firmly established that those youngsters who compulsively play violent video games tend to manifest antisocial behaviours.

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