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Berlut Books brings out an exciting study guide

| April 11, 2018 | 0 Comments

Title: The IsiZulu Handbook and Study Guide

Author: Various

Publisher: Berlut Books

ISBN: 978 0 620 32587 5

Reviewed by: Beryl Lutrin (editor)

In my preparations for editing the IsiZulu Handbook and Study Guide, I read many isiZulu textbooks, but I remained confused and uninspired. IsiZulu was a language I felt I would never understand or master.

And then, as the first drafts of the IsiZulu Handbook and Study Guide started coming in, I could see the light. IsiZulu was logical and could be learnt as a second language. Most importantly, the exciting format of this book would enhance the enjoyment of learning isiZulu.

As with all our handbooks and study guides, the IsiZulu Handbook and Study Guide is user-friendly and is written in a simple, visual and logical manner. The colour-coding will aid understanding, recall and application.

The book is divided into two sections: Themes and Language. There are 10 themes covering 20 everyday topics. Each theme is beautifully illustrated and labelled in isiZulu and English. This will make it easy for learners to build vocabulary. Each theme contains simple tasks and language exercises as well as dialogues, narratives, questions and answers. The context-based approach encourages the speaking, reading and writing of isiZulu.

The language section covers all the language structures and rules required from grades 4 to 9, and senior learners will benefit from the revision and reinforcement of this section.  It will fill in any gaps and weaknesses.

The IsiZulu Handbook and Study Guide will accompany learners throughout their senior primary and high school years and should be used in conjunction with a grade-appropriate textbook. This is the book that will make the learning of isiZulu possible and enjoyable!

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