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Big in Brazil

| October 28, 2013 | 0 Comments

E-learning is big in Brazil, and getting bigger, as it is across Latin America. Jose de Menezes is the brains behind Learncafe, digital destinations where people can learn and connect.

The platform offers dozens of course certificates, including Mandarin, business management, bodybuilding and dance. De Menezes describes Learncafe “as a distance innovative learning portal where any instructor can post online video courses. Teachers are encouraged to keep the costs of their courses low, but are given the freedom of charging what they want.”

Learncafe has followed in the footsteps of internationally popular sites like Udemy, which caters to more than one million students and 8 000 courses, taking about 30 % commission on courses sold. One of the reasons that Brazil’s education system is viewed so poorly is that school leavers are generally ill-equipped for university, especially in maths, science and technology.

Only 41% of adults aged between 25-64 have a high school diploma. Learncafe and other edtech start-ups can bridge these gaps, believes Menezes. In our next edition, we’ll be taking a closer look at e-learning across Latin America.

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