Bishops’ ‘White House’ goes solar

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Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town recently implemented an energy efficient hot water solution at its White House boarding facility. The result? Seventy percent savings in the consumption of electricity needed for hot water.

The solution is based on an ENERGIE thermodynamic solar heat pump, an innovative technology that combines the best of both solar panels and heat pumps into a single system. The technology, developed in Portugal, is widely used in Europe and has recently been brought to South Africa by Emergent Energy.

“Although we generally focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency consulting”, said Frank Spencer, CEO of Emergent Energy, “this technology was too good to overlook. Using this ENERGIE technology at Bishops, we are delivering on peak days over 8000 litres of hot water per day from the 40 panel system, and saving over 300 kWh per day on such days.”

The housemother, Kathy Dimbleby, was impressed: “Before the system was installed, we used to get frequent complaints about the hot water pressure and temperature. Without telling anyone, we switched over to the new system, and we have not had a complaint since!” An innovative finance model known as Shared Savings is also part of the project.

The energy savings from the ENERGIE system are metered each month, and the monthly finance payments made are based on a percentage of the value of the savings. Emergent Energy has supplied ENERGIE hot water solutions not only to Bishops, but also to St Cyprians College, the 5- star D’Ouwe Werf hotel, and is currently in the process of implementing ENERGIE at Somerset College.

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