BMW Early Learning Centre introduces Brenda

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The BMW Early Learning Centre in Pretoria participated in the World Aids Day campaign on 1 December 2012. Their three- to six-year-olds performed a play telling the story of three-year-old Brenda, a little girl who is an orphan because of HIV/Aids.

The play was based on the book Brenda has a Dragon in her Blood, written by Hilte Vink. Garamound Publishers gave the school permission to use the story to educate the children and carry a powerful message to the parents.

Principal Charlotte-Anne Coetzee summarises the story: “Brenda is an ordinary girl who likes to fly a kite and look at the clouds. There is one thing about her, however, that is different: Brenda has a little dragon in her blood. The dragon is called HIV and, for Brenda to remain healthy, the dragon has to remain sleeping. This is the true story of Brenda, retold by her foster mother. It aims to encourage children to understand and talk about HIV/Aids and to accept without prejudice children with the disease.”

To close the performance, Grade R student Ofentse Mekwa spoke with confidence to a group of 250 parents, saying: “Perhaps it is only a dream, but I dream of a world where people are no longer discriminated against because they are brown, yellow or red, or because they have Aids, are poor or disabled. Parents, take care of yourselves and raise children to be understanding and compassionate adults who accept one another.”

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