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Bo gives virgins a helping hand

| March 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

In the southern city of Bo, Sierra Leone, education officials have been accused of going ‘faddish’ and worse, violating human rights in an effort to help girls complete their tertiary education. Female first-year students who can prove they are still virgins, and who are committed to remaining so for the duration of their studies, qualify for a five-year scholarship. The move, say municipal council members, is intended to cut the alarmingly high teenage pregnancy rate.

Meanwhile, 68 girls at Hillside Girls High School in Chipata, Zambia, reportedly fell pregnant in 2011 alone, reports the office of the Eastern Province Aids Coordinating Advisor (PACA). Although all the girls were younger than 16, and therefore below the age of consent, none of the cases were reported to the police.

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