Bullet-proof backpacks from Bogota

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A Bogota, Colombia-based company named Caballeros has just found a new market for its bullet-proof fashion accessories – American schoolchildren. Owner Miguel Caballero, who has been outfitting a varied clientele that includes Hollywood celebrities and political figures with bullet-proof clothing items, is selling the backpacks – they retail for US$300 and come in a variety of fashionable designs and colours – “like hotcakes”.

The backpacks have been bought up by the company’s US distributor, Elite Sterling Security (ESS), for schools in the Denver, Colorado district of the US. It was in this area where the infamous Columbine school shooting and Aurora movie theatre massacre occurred.

There has been the requisite outcry against the move to outfit children with ‘riot gear’. A school principal based near Newtown, where a gunman killed 20 Grade 1 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, said a more commonsense approach would be to tighten up the national system of background checks on gun buyers.

Caballero has admitted that designing bullet-proof backpacks for children had been his biggest challenge yet, because gear made to stop rifle rounds would be too heavy for children to carry. His packs are therefore intended to stop slugs from semi-automatic handguns.

He’s also quick to sense a growing market, hinting at plans to produce his signature bulletproof T-shirts for US teachers.

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