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Canadian school committed to creative biodiversity

| August 22, 2018 | 0 Comments

Trinity College School in Canada is widely regarded as being one of the greenest independent schools in that country. Headmaster Stuart K.C. Grainger expects each student and each teacher to commit to certain sustainability values that include:
•learning the knowledge, skills and values necessary for a
flourishing future
• shifting from environmental awareness to action.

Trinity’s new athletic centre is equipped with a 48kW AC solar array comprising 192 photovoltaic panels, which is the equivalent of taking two cars off the road or planting two acres of trees. The school also has a living plant wall, including a rainwater harvester for watering the plants and a storage system to provide other greywater usage. Much of the food eaten by staff and students at Trinity is grown in the school’s own garden. The local community also benefits from the bounty. At the other end of the spectrum, waste management is a serious matter at Trinity, which regularly audits how much waste is generated on campus. Recycling is a Trinity mantra: even the information and technology services department makes sure that “dead” technology is dealt with responsibly. Trinity is renowned for its beautiful campus comprising over 100 acres and hundreds of mature trees. According to Grainger, the school has “a tree replacement matrix that ensures that any tree lost on campus is replaced at more than a 1:1 ratio based on its age. For example, a tree of over 50 years old will be replaced with five suitable native trees.” For parents who wait to pick up their children under the canopies of trees, Trinity has an environmental message too, its “anti-idling” policy means that drivers must turn off the engine or expect to be fined. Says Grainger, “Research shows that idling longer than 10 seconds uses more fuel and produces more C02 than shutting off the engine.” Trinity is also focused on providing academic courses with a firm “green” focus, such as advanced placement environmental science, Grade 12 environment and resource management, Grade 11 healthy living and outdoor activities and Grade 11 environmental science. For super-committed students, Trinity hosts its own sustainability awards. To qualify for a sustainability tie, students must engage in multiple environmental service initiatives. They must also engage in environmental leadership tasks, such as being a green representative for their house, organising events on behalf of the Trinity Environmental Action Club (TEAC), or being on the school’s sustainability committee.

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