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Chess for Africa

| September 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

Evelyn Kelsey, Grade 2 teacher at Marist Brothers Linmeyer, and 19 other teachers from various schools took part in a Chess for Africa course, held in early April 2012 at the Deutsche Internationale Schule (German School) in Milpark, Johannesburg. The course was presented by members of the German Chess Foundation and intended to equip teachers to develop chess in their respective schools. Participants enjoyed fresh approaches to the game, says Kelsey. “The myriad rules in the game of chess were broken down for us by means of short games using only one or two pieces.”

Participants learned key chess strategies, watched computer-generated replays of famous grand master matches, were introduced to speed chess and played a mini tournament. After passing a competency test, the chess players relaxed with games of tandem chess and explored the chess sites on YouTube and Wikipedia, finding instruction on opening and end games, as well as opportunities for online chess matches. At the end of the course, each player was presented with three books outlining not only the Methodical Chess introduction and modular development programme, but also containing copyable, graded exercises and solutions. Each one also received copyable chess sets for their learners back at school.

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