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Connect, create, change

| November 4, 2010

Dr Lyn Hurry of Aardvark Publications presented a workshop at the Proudly Primary Conference held at Hillcrest Christian Academy in August 2010.

The conference for primary school educators was entitled ‘Connect, create, change’; the workshop, ‘Creating connections in a changing world’. Says Hurry: “The idea of the workshop was to encourage participating teachers to rethink their teaching, and to consider creative ways of helping learners to make fresh connections in the environment around them.

These would not only build their environmental knowledge but also their confidence in dealing with local environmental issues. “The coming together of teachers from a
wide variety of locations and backgrounds is rare, but most valuable for broadening a teacher’s view of both the topic being covered and worksheet design. Awareness of environmental issues is an important part of a conference of this nature.”


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