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Creating consensus in Canoas

| June 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

Delegates at the recent Fórum Mundial de Educaçao (World Education Forum) held in Canoas, Brazil, issued a public statement that a more critical pedagogy infused with technology is the only conceivable way forward for all education systems. More than 4 000 participants from 13 countries debated the forum’s central theme of ‘Pedagogy, Metropolitan Regions and Peripheries’, and warned that currently, in many countries, technology “[is] only chang[ing] the tools without altering educational content”.

Many delegates represented developing nations, where unequal access to the digital world contributes to conflict and violence. Said Aidil de Carvalho Borges, project manager for educational reform in Cape Verde: “Underdevelopment accentuates every kind of inequality, especially in relation to technology, which is only available in the cities.” 

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