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Doing something about it – Cordwalles curbs bullying in concrete ways

| September 11, 2010
Part One by Simon Weaver

Children who are bullied have their self-esteem battered and feel insecure, depressed, helpless and, in severe cases, suicidal

There are many things which schools can do to prevent this very destructive behaviour. We at Cordwalles are attempting to deal with bullying by implementing the following procedures:


Through our life skills programme and in assemblies, the boys are given a great deal of information about what bullying is, and strategies for dealing with the problem.

The school bullying policy

The school has a policy on bullying published in every boy’s school diary. The policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of the pupils in this connection.

Victim empowerment

First, victims need to inform the perpetrators that their actions are hurtful and should stop. Second, they should try to ignore the taunts or teasing and stay away from the bullies. Third, the boys are encouraged to take action by informing the teachers of the situation. Early disclosure is vital in fighting this social scourge.

The annual bullying survey

A survey is conducted each year to investigate the extent to which bullying is prevalent in the school. Furthermore, boys are asked to identify those boys who they feel are bullies. This information is dealt with very sensitively. The boys who have been identified as the bullies are then counselled.

Simon Weaver is Headmaster at Cordwalles Preparatory School.

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