Don’t blame it on the dog

| November 17, 2010

“The dog ate my homework” is hands down the most popular excuse proffered to explain missing homework since time immemorial.

But as more assignments are completed on computer, students have had to move with the times. UK-based online back-up company Mozy surveyed 500 teachers and 1 000 pupils in August of this year, finding that “computer crashes, or accidentally deleted work, are the perfect modern-day excuses to get out of doing homework”.

Technology does fail users every now and then, and teachers are often the last to know how to fix the problem, playing right into the hands of lazy learners. And when all else fails, the family hound still gets the blame.

The top 20 excuses found by Mozy are:

  • I e-mailed it to you, but I got a bounce-back e-mail.
  • I finished my homework but then I deleted it by accident.
  • My computer crashed and I lost it.
  • My printer broke.
  • I finished my homework but was unable to save it.
  • My printer ran out of ink.
  • My Internet was down so I couldn’t do any research or access the assignment.
  • I spilt my drink on the computer and it broke.
  • My house was burgled and my computer was nicked.
  • I couldn’t connect my laptop to a printer.
  • My computer was hacked and a virus destroyed my hard drive.
  • Windows Vista crashed my laptop and deleted the programme.
  • I spilt my dinner over it.
  • I lost my laptop.
  • I accidently stuck it in the washing machine.
  • It fell out of my bag as I walked to school.
  • The letters on my keyboard have worn out so I couldn’t type.
  • It blew out of my hand.
  • I put it on top of the TV and the TV blew up.
  • The dog ate it.

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