Ed-tech Must Become More Inclusive

Analysts around the world are keen to see whether the top predicted ed-tech trends for 2023 will pan out. They’re particularly focused on apps, devices and methodologies that make schooling more inclusive.

Forecasters say that learning experience platforms will be used more widely in many schools. These are artificial intelligence tools that makes content suggestions from external resources.

The more a student uses such platforms, the more targeted the suggestions are. This is in keeping with the rise in respecting that learners can build their own learning paths.

Mobile Ed-tech

Mobile learning continues to push to the forefront of education in many global hot spots. Mobile learning places distance education into the palms of users’ hands. Learners use their devices to access content, which gives them continuous access to information, materials, and resources.

It can provide the best in visual learning content as well as more traditional text-based material. The best apps will prioritise viewing material offline. Learners are already showing a preference for microlearning, a trend within the mobile learning trend.

Bite-sized content, especially in the form of video content, continues to be the most popular and efficient learning material for consumption on mobile devices.

Edtech remote and in the classroom

Ed-tech and assessment

Assessments styles are set to change this year, say researchers. Formative assessments, where teacher and students address issues like feedback and in-time support together, so see what content the latter group has learned, are popular.

Another trend is performance-based assessment. Learners are requested to prove their skills by working on group projects with joint submissions or solving problems in ‘real-world’ circumstances with the help of different technologies.

These types of assessments evaluate learning and, at the same time, enhance soft skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, resourcefulness, and collaboration, therefore providing a more holistic and valuable learning experience that helps learners build personality traits in addition to technical skills.