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Exam paranoia in India

| March 10, 2016 | 0 Comments

In the most recent examination cycle in India, increasing numbers of students were discovered to be participating in an alarming ritual to calm their nerves and assure them of success.

In the western state of Gujarat, a tutor allegedly instructed students, some as young as 12, to walk slowly along a metre-long line of thick, broken glass.

Rakesh Patel, who runs the coaching centre in the city of Vadodara, defended the exercise, saying “there is a science behind it”.

“Glass-walking will remove fear and disbelief from the students’ minds,” he told reporters.

Parents were also asked to take part in the ceremony.Hitesh Panchal, who completed the glass walk with his 12-year-old son, said he was initially horrified at the idea.

“But once you undergo the demonstration, your confidence level increases,” Panchal told reporters. “After my son, two girls also got the courage to walk on the glass pieces.”

The state education department said it was investigating the incident. Since 2010, some schools in the province have also encouraged pupils to walk on burning coals before writing their exams.

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