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Fleurhof Future Nation School: keeping timeless values intact

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Have you ever asked yourself the question: What is true education?

Many scholars around the word do not have a definite answer to that question. Please allow me to tell you what I believe: true education is a process of facilitating learning and the acquisition of knowledge, skills, beliefs and habits. It is a process that moulds and changes a person’s thinking.

ow, let’s go further and ask a deeper question: What is true education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? The World Economic Forum (WEF) defines the Fourth Industrial Revolution as an era that is characterised by “[a] fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological sphere”.1

Many people around the world agree that mindsets must change and that new ways of doing things must be introduced.2 Where do we begin if we need to excel in this industrial revolution? It all begins with education, which must prepare the students for this industrial revolution. Who are the role players in education? What are the necessary tools that every role player should have to effect change in this era? We all know that education involves a student, a teacher and a learning tool.

Who is the student and who is the teacher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

In the past, the teacher was the one standing in front of a class and passing knowledge to those who were sitting behind the desks. A student was the one sitting behind the desk, listening to the one called a teacher. In this current era, I believe that the teacher is the student and the student is the teacher.

During the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the students and the teachers are engaged. This engagement is made simultaneously possible, complex and simple through the infusion of new technologies – which, according to author and big data analyst Bernard Marr, “represent the combination of cyber-physical systems, the internet of things, and the internet of systems.

“In short, it is the idea of smart factories in which machines are augmented with web connectivity and connected to a system that can visualise the entire production chain and make decisions on its own. And it’s well on its way and will change most of our jobs,” says Marr.3

We are all in the process of learning about these technologies. We need to acquire new knowledge, skills, beliefs and habits. We need to rethink the process of building character to enable all learners and teachers to be comfortable with experimenting and innovating.

We are in an era where a classroom is moving from a physical space to a virtual space. This is the era where one teacher teaches millions of students via the digital space. From the comfort of your home, as a teacher you have the ability to engage millions of students from the diverse world community through platforms such as Skype. This is the era where many jobs are under threat if one is not prepared to learn new ways.

Embrace the future with honour

As we are all involved in Fourth Industrial Revolution education, lets us open our eyes wide open. Our success is being threatened by a lack of values. The author, CS Lewis, once said: “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.”4 The great activist, Martin Luther King Jnr, put it thus: “We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education.”5

At Future Nation Schools, we believe in true education, where we balance the learning of content and development of skills with the development of character through the respect of values.

As one reads the newspapers these days, we come across headlines such as “Teacher impregnates student” and “Mass shooting at school”.6 These headlines reflect one of the threats in our school system that needs to be countered.

Students at Future Nation Schools feel protected by the mutual respect between teachers, students and the community at large. Our students develop working habits that make them passionate about education. Passionate students always excel in their work. Our students and teachers are from different backgrounds, cultures and different socio-economic communities. This diverse community is where differences are embraced and celebrated. Our students are not consumed by unhealthy competition. Rather, they develop their skills with integrity and honesty.

Future Nation Schools is brewing 21st century students during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, preparing them for the future community of leaders and entrepreneurs, who have character. Sound values are the cornerstone of true education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


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