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From Barefoot to Snakeskin Shoes

| October 14, 2011 | 5 Comments

Author: Billy Selekane
Publisher: Reach Publishers
ISBN: 1-920084-04-5
Reviewed by: Nikole Montano, class teacher, Parkview Senior Primary School

From Barefoot to Snakeskin Shoes was written by Billy Selekane, described as “a globally recognised inspirational and keynote speaker”. It’s touted as a ‘self-help’ book based on the author’s life experiences, catering to young adults.

The book is based on seven principles that provide a step-bystep programme to achieving one’s dream. The meaning of each principle is explained in detail. Quotes substantiate what the reader is required to achieve in each step before moving on to the next principle. At the end of each ‘section’ is a set of checks or questions that the reader needs to complete. Important points are highlighted throughout the book, making later referral easy for the reader. The author uses examples and short stories throughout the book to highlight the points he is trying to make.

Disjointed flow

Although the intention of the book deserves merit, the execution is amateur. It is repetitive and seems to be written as if the writer is speaking in phrases. The often disjointed flow makes it difficult to read and the poor editing job unfortunately makes it impossible to view this book as a professional piece of writing. There is an obvious lack of correct punctuation and there are far too many spelling errors. When comparing this book to renowned self-help texts such as The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, which both provide unique methods one can employ to achieve goals in all spheres of life, From Barefoot to Snakeskin Shoes fails dismally. In my opinion, its principles are too obvious and simplistic, and do not encourage the reader to explore a more in-depth approach to achieving their dreams.

Could be useful

On a positive note, however, educators could possibly make use of certain principles in the book to reinforce skills taught in Life Orientation lessons. The principles of ‘Purpose’ and ‘Vision’ are relevant to work covered in ‘Personal Growth and Development’ in the Life Orientation syllabus. For those people who have plenty of available time on their hands and are happy to indulge in reading about principles that could affect your simple day-to-day decisions, this book might be of limited value – but for those people who consider the time allocated to reading a luxury, and who are wanting to read a self-help book that guarantees results, I would not recommend From Barefoot to Snakeskin Shoes.

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  1. mamoloko says:

    how do i get hold of the book and how much does it cost.Where can i get it..

  2. PHALIMA says:

    how do i get hold of the book and how much does it cost.Where can i get it. I live in Bloemfontein

  3. bhoyie says:

    @ Mamoloko plz go to and order the book

  4. Thema says:

    Is there an Electronic version of the book instead of a hard copy?

  5. Ndumiso Macoba says:

    I will be glad if I can get a copy of this book.

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