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To support your global approach in your classroom and your school, you may wish to introduce your students to the online magazine Teen Voices (see: Teen Voices provides online stories and commentary about issues directly affecting female teens around the world, serving as an outlet for young women to share their experiences and views.

Teen Voices is linked to the Afghan Women’s Writing Project and recently, one of its young authors, Mahtab, 16, wrote about the Borderfree Afghan Street Kids School (BASS).

Mahtab is one of many teen activists worried about the number of children who don’t attend school in war-torn Afghanistan. Nearly two million of them work to support their families, mostly in situations that render them vulnerable to crime and violence. They earn, on average, the equivalent of US$3 a day.

In 2015, concerned teen activists gathered to accomplish what adults could not. On 20 January, 80 of them marched to the doors of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission in Kabul and asked for a school.

At BASS, based at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Kabul, 100 young children spend half days learning maths, reading and writing, “non-violence” and “creativity”, says Mahtab. They also collect a monthly donation of rice, cooking oil and beans, and clothes and a quilt for winter – thanks, in part, to donors like Child Rights, based in the Netherlands. For the other half day, all children are consistently urged to attend
government schools.

Mahtab reports further: “In non-violence class, the children one day symbolically broke [many] toy guns and declared: ‘We are not the generation of war.’ Instead of weapons, they vow to hold pens and books because they are the children of peace and kindness.

“In creativity class, they share their dreams and talk about the ways they can achieve them. One child said to me, ‘Sky is not the place of war and killing; it is the place of moon, sun, stars, kites and birds.’”

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