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Get those butts out of Bogota!

| June 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

Says online news source,, the world needs to refocus on Bogota, Colombia.

Here, a civil war has raged for more than 50 years between state forces, left-wing guerrilla forces like The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC) and other gangs.

In addition to mass murders and kidnappers, these militant groups have poured massive amounts of crude oil, pesticides and mercury into the country’s rivers, streams and wetlands. There has also been mass deforestation.

Now environmental groups are calling for attention to be paid to what may seem like an insignificant problem. In Bogota, 95 million cigarette butts are discarded on pavements and roadsides every year.

Here, high numbers of teens and young adults smoke. Their used cigarette butts make their way into drains and waterways. Each cigarette end contains 4 000 chemical substances, 50 of which can cause cancer.

A new study conducted at the Pilot University of Bogota and published in the International Journal of Research Studies in Science, Engineering and Technology found that the 95 million butts thrown to the ground constitute just 13% to 19% of all cigarettes smoked in Bogotá annually. Their weight, 16 tonnes, is but a fraction of the 6 500 tonnes of trash the capital generates daily and of the 10 million or more tonnes of trash produced every year nationwide.

The study concluded in part that the government should place more ash and cigarette end disposal units outside buildings. Smokers in Bogota are not allowed to smoke indoors.

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