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Grondslagfase Woordeboek

| October 13, 2011 | 5 Comments

Authors: Ronel Gouws, Liezl Potgieter and Susan Burgess
Publisher: Maskew Miller Longman
Reviewed by:
Nikole Montano, class teacher, Parkview Senior Primary School

This children’s Afrikaans/English picture incorporates the majority of assessment standards related to vocabulary included in the curricula for Grade 1 to Grade 4.

The dictionary is divided into three sections. The first section includes 17 beautifully illustrated themes and contains a selection of relevant words pertaining to each theme. The titles of the themes and the vocabulary they include are written in both English and Afrikaans, making it easy for learners to identify their meanings.

Designed to make translation easy

The second section provides a list of all the words included in the themes in alphabetical order. An alphabet key running down the right-hand side of each page in this section highlights which letter of the alphabet is being observed on that particular page. The Afrikaans word is provided along with the English translation, as well as the meaning of the word, which is written as a simple sentence in Afrikaans. A sentence incorporating the word is also included in both languages. The plurals of each word, as well as the antonym (if applicable), are also included. This section provides an excellent introduction to dictionary work, particularly for younger learners. Because of the page numbers that are placed next to the words, it is easy for the learners to refer back to the theme page that the word was taken from.

My only criticism for this section is that no parts of speech have been included in the meaning of the words. This area of language study is pertinent to dictionary work and to a fuller understanding of direct translations. The third section includes an alphabetised word list with corresponding page numbers. Learners are able to locate the word they are looking for and find it on the theme page it came from.

Clear set of instructions

As an educator, the highlight of this book was the clear sets of instructions in both English and Afrikaans provided throughout the book. They help to denounce any fear surrounding the translation of either language, as all the translations are provided in a simple manner.

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  1. E Scheffer says:

    Ek wil graag weet waar ek hierdie boek in die hande kan kry en wat die prys is.

  2. L Lawrence says:

    We cannot find this anywhere and my son needs it for grade 2. Which companies supply the Afrikaans / English Longman dictionary?

  3. Eunice says:

    Ek wil graag n woordeboek bestel. Laat weet my hoe om te werk te gaan,


    Eunice Bezuidenhout

  4. Janina says:

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  5. Sanette Benecke says:

    Waar kan ek hierdie woordeboek Koop?

    Sanette Benecke

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