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He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere

Students and teachers around the world can now see live, high-definition simulcast theatre and opera performances streamed via the Sunrise Theatre from the Metropolitan Opera in New York City or the National Theatre in London in the comfort of their very own classrooms.

After discovering the Sunrise Theatre, American teacher Amy Petersen was overjoyed that a modern version of Hamlet was on at the National Theatre. Said one of her students enthusiastically after the performance, “The themes are still relevant today!” Elsewhere in the States, teacher Matthew Amaral reports success using Facebook profiles to teach Shakespeare. One of his students, for example, came up with a post from Juliet for her Romeo: “It’s been five minutes since my last post, and I still miss u <3!” Blogs Amaral: “Using the Facebook template, I have created profile pages for each of the important characters in Romeo and Juliet. I encourage each student to think about whom the last five or six people to post on that character’s wall would be and what they would say. Students can get symbolic with the profile pictures, choosing  concrete objects that represent a deeper idea or characteristic.

“On the back of their profile page, I usually have students write an ‘About Me’ paragraph, and maybe add boxes for ‘Favourite Movies’, ‘Music’ and other things that are on the Info page. This forces them to think about the characters deeply.”

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