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Head teacher shocks pupils by eating spider

| November 3, 2010

For the sheer delight of the headline alone, news from St Olave’s Grammar School in Orpington, Kent, UK, founded in 1571.

The school is newly headed by Aydin Onac, recognised as one of the country’s leading Principals whose methods have helped achieve enviable results at schools he has led.

In a stunt better suited perhaps to a reality TV show like Fear Factor, Onac recently stunned pupils and staff at St Olave’s by eating a tarantula in front of a packed assembly to raise money for a new sports and drama centre. Many pupils and teachers responded to the incident with delight, but others were upset. Several parents complained afterwards that it set a bad example to youngsters.

Says Onac of the unusual snack, “It tasted quite salty and a little bit like burned chicken. It felt crunchy and very dry in the mouth, like eating those very dry cheese biscuits, so it was difficult to swallow. “As I was eating it, I was thinking about the quickest route to the cloakroom and whether I would still be alive by break-time.”

The spider was sourced from Cambodia, where they are farmed and eaten by locals as a delicacy. Onac insisted its importation complied with British and European Union (EU) guidelines.

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