How do you treat your teachers?

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Varkey GEMS Foundation, a nonprofit organisation in the United Arab Emirates, recently surveyed 1 000 respondents in 21 countries to create the Global Teacher Status index, a summary of how different nations treat their teachers.

The study found that teachers are most respected in China, Greece, Turkey and South Korea. Educators have a low social status in Brazil, the Czech Republic and Italy, while those who teach in Israel have the lowest status of all.

Nearly all the respondents from China said they thought teachers were as important as doctors. In other places, such as the US and France, teachers were frequently compared with librarians, while the Swiss think educators are more like social workers.

US respondents were unanimous in their belief that teachers should be paid according to their students’ performances. The report asserts that teacher pay is the highest in Singapore and lowest in Egypt.

Sunny Varkey, founder of the Varkey GEMS Foundation, stated: “In many countries, teachers no longer retain the elevated status that they used to enjoy … Over time, this declining respect for teachers will weaken teaching, weaken learning, damage the learning opportunities for millions and ultimately weaken societies around the world.”


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