How I got the corner office without a degree

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More people fake it than you think!

Towards the end of 2014, it was already apparent that South Africa had a real problem with the proliferation of fake degrees.
One didn’t have to look very far to see how people in high places had made it into the c-suite with fake qualifications. Take the infamous former COO of the SABC, Mr Hlaudi Motsoeneng, who was appointed to this position of huge responsibility and power, but was recently found not to even have a matric certificate. And unfortunately, Mr Motsoeneng is in good company. There are many people in positions in public office and parastatals who claim to have academic qualifications which simply don’t exist or have been fraudulently tampered with.
Another notable example is former ANC spokesman Carl Niehaus, who was forced to step down in 2009, after it was revealed that he had left a broad trail of financial mismanagement, racking up R4.5 million in debt, having lied about having a master’s degree and a doctorate in theology from the University of Utrecht.

As early as 2010, the Mail & Guardian newspaper exposed the then minister of cooperative governance and traditional affairs, Sicelo Shiceka, for not having a master’s degree in political economy from the University of the Free State despite it being listed in his official curriculum vitae on the department’s website.
As Max van Doren once said “Respect for the truth is an acquired taste”.
This is especially true in a sluggish economy where well-paying jobs are scarce, and people are willing to put their morals aside to get the job and power.
And while the people in public office and parastatals make the headlines, corporate South Africa and small business, including educational institutions, are not immune to the threat and business costs of fake degrees, matric certificates and even report cards.

You have been warned
Speaking to News24, the CEO of Umalusi, Mafu Rakometsi, said:
It is appalling that you can now buy a matric certificate online, the people who manage these websites continue to do it with impunity. I want to assure South Africans that the law will be extremely harsh on those who are found guilty of producing fake matric certificates.
Imagine how different the worlds of business, education and government would be if human resource managers and university admission personnel could be secure in the knowledge that documents presented were, in fact, correct and true; that companies, educational institutions and offices of government would not have to carry the costs of having someone in a position that they are not qualified for. They should be able to rest secure in the knowledge that a degree or qualification could be trusted at face value since the information/data on the document can be instantly verified via a patent-pending mobile app.

Fight fire with fire
Fraudsters are motivated and determined to pull the wool over the eyes of well-meaning human resource managers and they use technology to do it. The only way to fight the scourge of fraudulent degrees, school report cards, matric certificates and qualifications and the damaging ripple effect that they cause is to fight back with the fraudsters very own weapon of choice – technology.

A revolution in the fight against counterfeit documents. What would it mean for your business or educational institutions if you could trust the information on every high-value document 100%?

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