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iPads for babies

| March 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

Everyone wants children to learn via technology, but ‘connecting’ babies may be taking things too far. Toy company Fisher- Price, owned by Mattel, is touting its Newborn-to-Toddler Aptivity Seat, but to its surprise, American parents aren’t buying.

The bouncy chair is designed to recline so that babies can see the tablet device inserted into a case parallel to the face. Mattel has gone as far as urging parents to download special apps for babies for the Aptivity Seat that “feature soft, soothing sounds and nature scenes, black and white images and high-contrast patterns that help develop eye-tracking skills.”

Other companies are following the trend; there’s also an available potty training seat complete with iPad stand. The University of New Mexico School of Medicine has joined a loud chorus of naysayers.

One of its researchers complained, “Does anyone out there think that kids need more screen time?” Child advocacy groups across the US have also decried such products, saying there’s no evidence that they encourage brain development in babies. Human interaction is what’s best for baby, say the groups. 

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