ISASA Member Masibambane College Supports its Students

My name is Jubilee Tinomudaishe Dongo.

I am an 18-year-old girl living in Lenasia South, Gauteng, with my family. I attended Masibambane College in Orange Farm near Johannesburg from 2009 (Grade R) and matriculated in 2021.

I have always dreamed of and worked towards achieving a record number of distinctions in my matric examinations, not only for myself, but also for my school.

My dream came true, as I achieved nine distinctions, with the highest marks in mathematics and history (96%).

2021 was a year marked by COVID-19 induced disruptions, but I managed to overcome the odds through sheer grit and determination. I refused to allow the disruptions to deny me the result I had worked for all my schooling career. I also had to get my priorities right, cutting out unnecessary timewasters like social media and leisure time.

I kept my vision board on my wall to remind me of my goals, measure my progress towards my goal and also remind myself how I wanted to reach my goals. My philosophy was and still is: ‘We do not stop because we are tired, but we will stop when we are done.’

Solid support systems

I consider myself blessed to have been a student at Masibambane College. It is a great school with high quality, dedicated teachers who managed to bring out my best performance in the various subjects. My teachers worked tirelessly and went out of their way to give all the students ongoing support and guidance.

My family has always been my biggest support system and motivated me to be the best that I can be. In the few months prior to my final examinations, my family excused me from my household chores to allow me to focus on my studies and get the rest I needed to finish strong. They would sometimes sit with me in the early hours of the morning as I studied and prepared for my exams.

When I look at what I managed to achieve, I know this would not have been possible without discipline, hard work and above all, consistency. I always pushed myself to be my best. I did not compete with anyone but myself.

My dreams and hunger for excellence woke me up when my alarm could not. I am persuaded that I am gifted enough to reach great heights and my responsibility is to keep being disciplined and to reach for the stars.

And advice for the matric class of 2022?

Be disciplined, work hard and be consistent with your schoolwork. Put in the hours and know that there is no substitute for hard work. Also, make use of your teachers and never be too afraid to ask for help.

While the COVID-19 pandemic denied me a Valentine’s Ball and a matric dance, which was something I had been looking forward to since Grade 8, I feel so blessed that I had the last laugh with my matric result.

My next challenge is to become an actuary and I have enrolled with my dream university, the University of the Witwatersrand, to study actuarial science. I am determined and ready to put in the work and passion required to get this done.

Thank you, Masibambane College. Thank you to my teachers and my family. Your support has contributed to bringing out the best of my potential.