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Just watch these seedlings grow! Seedlings Preschool joins ISASA

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Having the opportunity to create an environment for children to flourish and grow into their true potential is one of life’s greatest privileges.

As a preschool, we are given these precious “seedlings” that we can influence, teach, develop and love, while
helping them to grow into beautiful “oaks of righteousness”.
Seedlings was founded in 2002 by Sue Gourlay, whose passion was to see the surrounding Umhlanga/Durban
community impacted through Christian education. Taryn Wegerle, the current principal, continues with this same legacy. Wegerle, a qualified foundation phase teacher, also continues with the ministry of Harvest Church. One of its primary purposes is to reach out to the community through quality and affordable Christian-based education through the medium of the preschool (Grade 000, Grade 00 and Grade R), the playgroup and aftercare facilities.

Play and reading bring great joy

Our motto is “Play, Learn, Grow”. Learning through play is the method we feel is the best way for children to be adaptable, develop knowledge, problem solve, discover, explore new ideas and express emotions. Our teachers specifically create the optimum environment to stimulate spontaneous play. What is intentional for the teachers is uninhibited and unintentional for the children. We have different areas of play that the children can choose to explore, such as the sandpit, bike track, a sensory area and the jungle gym. These areas are always available and
accessible during free-choice playtimes.
Books and the development of pre-reading skills are a priority for us, as we strongly believe our future leaders need to have a passion for reading. Reading opens a door of discovery and new horizons, sparking our imagination and teaching us empathy. Our book week invited children to dress as their favorite character, and teachers read and reread favourite tales. A book sale also enabled parents and children to choose new favorites.
We are fortunate to have a strong partnership with Play Ball,1 and as these lessons are included in our school fees, each child is guaranteed specialist and fun gross motor muscle development and learning. We are lucky to have a large and leafy garden, which provides space for running and chasing, teacher-led games and picnics at snack time. Music, isiZulu, drama, dance and art are some other avenues we explore at Seedlings.
Seedlings focuses on fostering physical, social, emotional, academic and spiritual development in every child. The
principles we hold to are small classes, great facilities, loving teachers and individual attention. We are a non-profit
organisation (NPO) and we are registered with the South African Department of Basic Education.

ISASA an inspiration

Our new and current relationship with ISASA has been a positive and beneficial one. Knowing that we are a part of
something bigger than ourselves gives us a sense of security and safety. It gives us a bigger and broader picture and insight into areas we may not have known about. Being connected with other teachers and principals is so helpful, as we are able to share ideas, advice, guidance and creativity with one another. We gain insight and understanding into issues that we would not have been able to tackle on our own. Things such as quality assurance, curriculum and development guidance, diversity and transformation, financial and school support are some of the tools we can use to make our Seedlings environment a better one. We believe strategic partnerships are mutually beneficial. We are honoured to be a part of the ISASA family.

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