Mathematics is now the ‘darling’ of these learners

| November 4, 2010

Just changing a learning environment can provide fresh perspectives. Elise Steyn, Principal of Darling College, decided to create a celebration around the teaching and learning of Mathematics.

The school decided on a suitable day, everyone dressed up in Maths-inspired costumes, and staff laid out various brainteasers on tables outside for students to tackle.

The Grades 4 to 6 learners then had to move in groups of three or four from table to table and help each other to solve the problem at hand, while the Grade 7s supervised. In a separate area, the Foundation Phase pupils had their colourful tables staffed by their teachers, who had their hands full controlling the excited junior learners.

Commented Grade 7 student Cameron Moore after the event, “Ever tried drawing a circle without a compass? Only Einstein could do that!”


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