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Maths Made Easy DVD and work booklet collection – Produced by Rain Air Education

| September 24, 2010

Reviewed by Gwen Williams, Academic Co-ordinator for the ISASA Mathematics and English Programme

This series of DVDs and work booklets is presented by Steve Carlill, an experienced teacher of Mathematics and Science.

Carlill undertakes to cover the whole syllabus for each grade from 4 to 12 using a conventional ‘talk and chalk’ presentation with the addition of a few simple aids. There is one set of DVDs and a work booklet per grade. The Mathematics syllabus across all the grades is a very large body of Mathematics. It is obvious that it is impossible to cover all aspects of all the syllabus topics within the confines of a DVD presentation. Key concepts are, however, covered and the progression from grade to grade is good.

The work booklets have only selected sets of examples, and answers are given at the end of the booklets. This series does not claim to be a substitute for the teacher in the classroom; it does, however, have real possibilities in addressing the many and various problems facing Mathematics education in South Africa, and the often-claimed problems that many children have in achieving in Mathematics.

It is suggested that it could be used very constructively in the following ways:

1. As a homework aid to allow children to ‘go over’ the work taught that day in the classroom.
2. For pupils who have missed sections of work.
3. If the Mathematics teacher is absent, the substitute teacher could easily ‘teach’ a lesson using the DVD.
4. In schools where there is no suitably qualified Mathematics teacher, particularly to teach the senior grades, this series could be invaluable provided the school has a DVD player, TV and electricity. There would need to be supplementary work books for each pupil.
5. The series could also be used in teacher training and/or upgrading.
6. Finally, for the ever-increasing number of home schools, this could be the answer for the parent/teacher who finds Mathematics the biggest challenge to teach.

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