New app for equality in Kenya

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In Kenya, recently released government data shows that one in three girls experience sexual violence before the age of 18. Rapes are too rarely reported, because of shame and a lack of faith in the police and the criminal justice system.

The Equality Effect (EE), a legal-rights organisation working in Kenya, has come up with a partial solution to the problem. Says executive director Fiona Sampson, EE has developed an Android app that will make things easier for those who have had their dignity violated.

The app explains the steps that each party should take when an attack has occurred: police will be informed about each step they should take in the investigation, and families will be assisted to report cases.

EE also works to connect rape survivors to shelters and counselling services.

Over the next six months, says Sampson, 1 000 Kenyan local government officials, religious leaders and school principals, as well as 4 800 pupils, will learn how to use the app. EE has already trained 700 Kenyan police officers to investigate child rape with sensitivity and thoroughness.

“If you don’t get justice for your friend or sister, then this is the app you should use,”
said Sampson.

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