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‘No jab, no pay’ Down Under

| June 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

In some countries such as the US, where some believe it is linked to the onset of autism spectrum disorder in children, the safety of vaccinations against measles is hotly debated. In other countries like France, parents are penalised if they don’t get their children vaccinated. Australia has now imposed a ‘no jab, no pay’ law. Those families who refuse vaccinations (almost 40 000 young Australians under the age of seven years have not had their jabs) will not qualify for government welfare benefits.

The stiff penalty has been introduced Down Under because measles – a highly infectious and potentially fatal disease that was thought largely to be globally eradicated by the year 2000 – is back. In January this year, Disneyland in Florida in the US was identified as the source of a measles outbreak that affected 92 people in the state. Other cases were quickly confirmed in 19 other US states and Mexico. Now California is introducing legislation to bar parents from exempting their children from vaccinations based on personal beliefs. The move will make the state the 33rd to make measles protection mandatory.

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