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Online in Africa

| June 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

The World Bank has said that economic growth in Africa is tied to adequate reliable online connectivity. Now data compiled by The Economist reveals the 10 most connected African countries.

In Morocco, 55% of the population is online, followed by the Seychelles, where there are 109.2 mobile cellular subscriptions per 100 people. Unsurprisingly, given that the recent ‘Arab Spring’ revolution started online, there are 83.8 million mobile subscribers in Egypt. Tunisia is in fourth place, hot on its heels is Mauritius, and South Africa slid in in sixth place, because only 41% of its population is digitally connected.

At number seven is the group of islands, Cape Verde; Nigeria is number eight and Kenya, number nine. In Sudan, where political conflict has interrupted mobile accessibility, only 21% of people can go online. 

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