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Online Russian-based Maths curriculum shows early positive results

An online Mathematics programme based in part on concepts fundamental to the Russian state school curriculum, called Reasoning Mind, is boosting academic achievement scores in American schools.

The programme was created by Russian mathematician and scientist Alex Khachatryan when his son’s Maths marks dipped after the family emigrated to the United States.
“Reasoning Mind brings together non-standard problems to develop thinking skills, lots of interaction between students, individual attention from the teacher, and a solid, coherent curriculum,” he explains.

Pupils log on individually to Reasoning Mind to work on gradeappropriate Maths problems while teachers monitor progress from a centrally based station. A built-in ‘accountability’ system creates assessment reports to evaluate each student’s accuracy averages, and compares student results on a number of levels.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently awarded aUS$742 996 grant to test whether oneReasoning Mind-trained teacher canaffect the Maths results and proficiency of 250 students using the programme indifferent grades at several schools.

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