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Online varsity for African students

Gossy Ukanwoke is known as Nigeria’s Mark Zuckerberg. At only 23, this Nigerian entrepreneur believes in the value of education and the need to keep up with international digital trends.

He is set to launch Beni American University, an online tertiary option for African students. He’s had plenty of time to iron out online glitches, having already founded the Students’ Circle Network, a Nigerian-based academic social network for college and high school students. The network provides free course materials, live lecturer assistance to students, scholarships and study group support to students across the globe.

Ukanwoke says online post-school study can be particularly useful to African students who want to gain a post-secondary diploma or degree. “Due to infrastructure limitations, Africans who want to attend universities often cannot. But this online institution doesn’t require them going to physical locations which are often overcrowded, thus limiting the number of people who can attend,” he says.

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