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Our Body series – By Cheryl Jakab

| September 22, 2010

Published by Macmillan: 32 pages
Example of ISBN: 978-1-4202-6842-3

Macmillan is particularly good at producing series for younger students. Its new Our Body set is one of these, aimed at older learners in the Foundation phase, or their peers in the Intermediate phase.

Our Body consists of six books, each covering a different system: circulatory, digestive, muscular, nervous, respiratory and skeletal. It would be nice to know more about
author Cheryl Jakab – one presumes she is a Life Science teacher herself, as she knows which elements on which to focus, and how to draw readers in. She’s supported in this quest by excellent layout and design artists.

Each book contains ‘fascinating facts’, health tips, X-rays and interesting experiments to try – did you know that you could make a chicken bone ‘bend’ using vinegar?
These books can also be used by other subject teachers and students. Arts and Culture or Drama teachers, for example, could find the Respiratory System book a useful tool for teaching students about breathing for the stage and the anatomy of the larynx, or voice box. The Nervous System book, in particular, is a winner. The large pictures and range of issues covered mean that teachers and learners alike will learn things they never knew before about the brain, nerve cells, the senses and the consequences of damage to the spine. But all six of these books – with their comprehensive glossaries and indexes – are invaluable resources that prove once again that the sciences are fascinating and great fun.

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