Penryn Prep Online School

The young architects of tomorrow, our youth, are growing up in times of unprecedented change and innovation.

As educators, parents, and school leaders, what we are certain of, is only that the future holds new questions and unknown problems to solve. In order to meet the needs of our scholars and equip them with the tools and knowledge that they will need, we have to reimagine education. The skills and knowledge we have always relied on, have shifted, and the needs of the future-fit child are now quite different.

At Penryn College, situated between Mbombela and White River in Mpumalanga, we acknowledge that the needs of the future-fit child are now quite different. As a school we have always been aware that the face of education would evolve and adjust with time and that we would have to continue to offer our scholars the most relevant, quality education.

Penryn Prep Online

The Penryn Prep Online School was conceptualised in 2019, when our team of highly qualified academics started moulding this bespoke curriculum. We are now proud to announce that Penryn Prep Online School is now fully operational, utilising the wonderful developments in modern technology to break down the classroom walls and to travel and explore the world.

We investigate 21st century global issues like climate change, deforestation, farming, marine plastic pollution, sustainability, and the ever-shrinking natural world and we ask hard questions, such as, ‘Is nature fighting back on a planet hitherto dominated by humans?’ Our scholars have the tools and passion to explore how to make their voices heard and to create changes for their futures. They are able to speak to specialists around the globe, capture real-time data, research current innovations and to consider ways to problem-solve their own challenges.

Technology allows our scholars to travel the globe, or go back in time to compare changes on our planet. Our scholars become the scientists, the journalists, the geologists, the historians, and the innovators. We use interactive and collaborative technologies to provide platforms of purpose for these young innovators.

Unique learning modules

Our project- and inquiry-based learning modules are uniquely designed to encourage scholars to think more deeply; collaborate more extensively; question more profoundly; solve problems more creatively, innovate, adapt and be curious, be resourceful, persevere, and have empathy.

Since it’s the youth of today who will be solving the problems of tomorrow, we need to ensure that they are empowered to follow their individual passions. Through Penryn Online, our scholars constantly design their own learning journeys around their strengths and passions, and global experts as well as their own experienced teachers guide them on their journeys to articulate their dreams.

They are coached and given the tools to gather accurate information and design their own awareness campaigns. The internet allows them to collaborate with others that share their passions and in turn, this network bands together to design possible solutions to global crises. Gamification, coding, and robotics are also embedded into this curriculum as they are essential languages for the scholar of today. These tools allow Penryn students to code, create, and develop their own apps, websites, and blogs.

Purpose and passion at Penryn

The Penryn ethos underpins its online offering because our students will always need the support of a firm grounding in ethics, digital safety, empathy, and cultural intelligence. Emotional wellbeing is paramount and is purposefully built into our curriculum in order to ensure the holistic development of our students.

We know that at Penryn, with purpose, passion, and perseverance we can achieve anything.