Preparing Students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By blurring the boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological worlds of learning, Sivaton Private Academy ensures that its students are well-equipped for a technology-driven future.

Our school was conceived and envisioned by two successful Ladysmith businessmen, Praven Pillay and Brando Kally, who dreamt of leaving a legacy in memory of their late fathers. Their vision was to build a school that took a holistic approach to education and excellence and steered learners to exceed their own expectations.

By emphasising the integration of technology, Sivaton promotes innovative thinking, problem-solving skills and adaptability. Students at Sivaton develop fluency in Swift programming, Xcode’s sources and UI editors, allowing them to master the core concepts and practices of modern technology.

We are currently on track to become one of four Apple recognised schools in South Africa and work closely with Apple to ensure that our teachers and students absorb the best of coding and robotics. Teachers and students use Apple iPads for classroom activities and teachers regularly attend Apple Education Workshops.

Tools for success

Sivaton recognises the challenges faced by working parents and offers dynamic events to entertain and occupy students after school and during the holidays.

The school also places a strong emphasis on physical and emotional well-being. The indoor gym and basketball arena provide students with opportunities to enhance their spatial skills and improve their physical, cognitive, and emotional health. Schedules include a variety of sports. By promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise and balanced nutrition, Sivaton ensures that its students are equipped with the necessary tools for success.

Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Sivaton stays at the forefront of educational practices by membracing technology and integrating it into its curriculum. The school understands that technology is not only a tool for learning but also a gateway to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

By providing students with the opportunity to develop Swift app skills, Sivaton ensures they develop expertise in modern programming languages, which will undoubtedly set them apart in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Moreover, the emphasis on technology extends beyond programming and permeates all facets of learning – preparing students for a digitally connected future.

Teaching for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Competitiveness and excellence

Sivaton’s dedication to smaller classroom ratios guarantees individual attention from highly-qualified teachers. An emphasis on student-centric learning ensures that every child’s potential is recognised and nurtured. The Academy is committed to inclusivity and diversity and proudly admits students of diverse backgrounds. This commitment to equality creates a rich learning environment where students can develop a global mindset and embrace different perspectives.

Furthermore, Sivaton’s focus on holistic development ensures that students receive a well-rounded education. The incorporation of music lessons, theatre and a culinary curriculum creates opportunities for students to explore their creativity, talents, and passions.These additional options enhance student engagement and foster a love for learning beyond traditional disciplines.

Culinary playground

Good food and exercise are essential to a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to develop all our students’ senses to evolve higher thinking, while maximising education and nurturing healthy bodies and minds. Our culinary curriculum teaches students basic kitchen skills while engaging the senses through touch, taste and smell.

We believe that food is our best medicine. Our specialised curriculum merges chemistry and culinary aspects introducing the idea of cooking as science. By instilling an understanding of the chemistry behind a recipe, science becomes part of everyday understanding.

With a commitment to personalised education, inclusivity, and the holistic development of each child, Sivaton sets itself apart by shaping the minds of future leaders.