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Reach out online – we dare you!

| March 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

Hilary Greene is an American teacher and blogger who reads about e-education in other countries. Her research has led her to reflect on the curious tendency of teachers to keep good ideas to themselves, she reports on the website

Greene’s solution was to reach out to teachers in other places, and she made contact with educators in Australia and France. Last year, the intrepid three launched a comparative teaching blog called ‘Instruments of Change’. Says Greene: “We write about a ‘typical’ day in our schools, teacher-preparation programmes, our choices to become teachers, assessment in schools and more. We plan to continue, hoping to discover more about what it means to teach, whether in the United States, France or Australia.”

Greene says the experience is comforting. “I nod in agreement as I read… entries, recognising… experiences that connect to mine – the central role of assessment and the quest for precision in lesson planning.” Greene’s French counterpart teaches in a ‘priority education’ or ‘ZEP’ school that caters to the needs of a predominantly immigrant population. He’s provided Greene and their Australian colleague with insight into “a whole school system within a system”.

Greene has learned that the French experience seems more traditional in scope and outlook, while the Australian approach feels more progressive than her own. She adds: “Each time I publish our entries, I find myself drawn to the ways our days overlap.” Could you reach out online to a teacher somewhere else on the world map? 

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