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Reviewing videogames

| August 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

Michael Kasumovic, a lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Australia, says that “videogames should be a teacher’s best friend”.

Writing for, Kasumovic argues that “[g]iven how fast technology is changing, I’m impressed with how many teachers have adopted games in their lessons”.

According to Kasumovic, teachers should select videogames that promote learning, instead of games that are blatant lectures in poor disguise. He cites ‘Wuzzit Trouble’ as one of his favourite readily available ‘maths games’. “Students are learning through a familiar framework,” he explains.

Like Kasumovic, millions of students across the globe can’t get enough of ‘Portal 2’ and ‘Minecraft’, which allow students to create their own worlds. While they’re building habitats and scouting the landscape for resources, they’re also learning concepts like perimeters and areas, Newton’s laws, probability theories and reaction times. More importantly, says Kasumovic, they’re learning how to fail and get back up on their feet.

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