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School shooting baffles Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is the latest city to reel from the shock of a school shooting.

In early April, former pupil Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, 24, entered Tasso de Silveira Elementary and Middle School in the working-class neighbourhood of Realengo, drew out two guns and opened fire. By the time he shot himself in the head, he had killed 10 girls and two boys, all aged between 10 and 14. A suicide note revealed no clues as to the motive of the gunman, described as a loner.

Meanwhile, students at the University of California Davis have been required to undergo realistic training to survive a possible campus shooting. Campus police played students a 911 call made in 1999 from a Colombine teacher hiding under her desk, then had students react to a masked gunman on stage shooting blanks into the crowd.

The shock training tactics caused an uproar on campus. Some decried the need to make students anxious, while some students on the training course said it did make them more conscious of their surroundings.


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