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Serious sustainability at Sing Yin

| June 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) recently released its ‘Greenest School on Earth’ list for 2013. Winner Sing Y in Secondary School in Hong Kong is an institution for low-income families. It has all the right green ‘ bells and whistles’ (and then some) – solar panels, wind turbines and LED lighting.

All classroom windows automaticall y dim in response to strong sunlight, a glass canopy collects and stores sunlight, directing it to the playground when needed, a rooftop and fourth floor ‘mid-air’ garden flourish, motion sensors control the lights, carbon dioxide levels are monitored and the elevators recover gravitational potential energy as electrical energy when they move up or down.

In addition, an automatic weather station beams real-time weather data to classrooms to control the use of air conditioning. But what garnered the school the award is the way its design meets its chosen curr iculum. At the heart of every project is sustainability. Even the school’s student leadership programme is ‘green’ – about a dozen students have specific environmental responsibilities. The USGBC says the meaning of sustainability depends on each school’s circumstances. “It’s about using an integrated process. As Americans we need to look at these schools with humilit y and understand that we need to learn from them,” said a council spokesperson. 

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