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Some Alabama students celebrate the chance to get more sleep

| November 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

Technology is making things easier for sleepy students in the small (there are only 5 000 residents in the area) Piedmont City School District in Alabama in the US.

District authorities have factored in a virtual first period for top-achieving students in grades 10–12. Those who qualify (they must sustain a B+ average) can now complete the work for the first lesson of the day (some of which is online) at any point during the week, allowing them to sleep in longer than their classmates. Piedmont teachers report that students are blossoming as a result of gaining personal control over portions of their studies. Says teacher Jennie Baer: “They also have the flexibility to work at their own pace and can focus on what is important on a particular day.”

Other schools across the globe may experience challenges with this approach, and may need to expand digital device lending programmes or upgrade live-time 24/7 internet connectivity support. However, says digital media technology specialist, Jane Swift: “That is the true promise of digital learning: increased flexibility and access to high-quality academic
coursework for all students.”

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