#Spreadthelove: King David Victory Park achieves new Guinness World Record

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King David Victory Park in Johannesburg, Gauteng, recently attempted to break the world record for the most number of sandwiches made in an hour. The idea originated when Matthew Auerbach, a former head of the Parent and Teacher’s Association (PTA), had the idea for King David Victory Park to do something monumental and memorable. The idea was not just to break a world record, but to make a difference to others with that act.

Months of planning ensued to design a rough outline of the event and register the record attempt with Guinness World Records, which was thankfully accepted. The Guinness requirements are quite demanding, and there is an exacting degree of monitoring and verification. There are both sandwich quality requirements, as well as requirements to accurately count and inspect the sandwiches. The entire event needed to be photographed and videoed for submission to Guinness, all of which would cost much more than was anticipated.

This dream led to a team of passionate PTA members implementing the planning of this mammoth event from start to finish including the fundraising, décor, marketing, distribution and all of the associated logistics. The school, with the hope of uniting around such a meaningful course and inspiring the community to always reach out to others in need, was completely overwhelmed with the support received from parents, corporate organisations and community forums.

The event, held on 12 May 2016, was attended by approximately 3 000 participants from King David Schools, VIPs and corporate sponsors. With the generous sponsorship of Pick n Pay and its suppliers RCL Foods (which sponsored 1 500 kg of Yum Yum peanut butter), Hugo Jam (960 x 900 g tins of jam) and Blue Ribbon Bread (4 000 loaves of bread), and collaborative assistance from FEED SA, the target was met. An audited count of 35 557 sandwiches were made in one hour. The sandwiches were taken to Dr Knak Primary School and the Alexander Community Centre for distribution.

On 9 June 2016, Guinness World Records confirmed that King David Victory Park was an official world record holder.

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