Stop taking degree “selfies”

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Higher Education Degree Datacheck (Hedd), is the UK Higher Education’s official service for candidate verification and university authentication. Hedd reported in early 2017 that it had found 220 “nonexistent” tertiary institutions that have offered fake courses and worthless degree certificates. Hedd was alerted to the problem by the increasing numbers of degree “selfies” taken by students who thought they were graduating with authentic qualifications.

Jayne Rowley, deputy chief executive of Prospects, a division of Hedd, says that what she calls the “Twitter selfie problem” (students take a ‘selfie’ while holding up their certificate) has grown in popularity in a job-scarce world. According to Rowley, technology makes it easy for conartists to produce convincing fake certificates. The Hedd team has revealed that fake universities in the UK tend to be run from people’s homes, whilst overseas enterprises are multi-billion pound, sophisticated businesses – such as Axact, which operated from Karachi, Pakistan and was exposed in 2015.

Reported The New York Times, “Revenues, estimated by former employees and fraud experts at several million dollars per month, [were] cycled through a network of offshore companies. All the while, Axact’s role as the owner of this fake education empire remains obscured by proxy internet services, combative legal tactics and a chronic lack of regulation in Pakistan.” 

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