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Teaching the teachers

| August 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

In the US, teachers and students are privileged to be able to attend one of the most enriching conferences around the globe – the annual Children L earning with Nature (CLN) Training Institute. It enables educators to acquire the skills and resources to teach with, and in, nature. Held in June this year in northern California, CLN gathered together leading innovators to share best practices and methodologies. A spokesperson outlined other goals: “ The CLN focuses on the benefits of outdoor play to the development of young children and how we as teachers can cultivate their creativity in an outdoor setting to help them grow into dynamic and successful adults.”

Speakers included Claire Warden, one of the world’s leading writers on the use of consultative methods in education; Jon Young, author of What the Robin Knows: How the Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World (Mar iner, 2013) and a pioneer in creating mentoring models that blend ancient and modern natural wisdom; Paul Rober ts, an architect dedicated to developing nature-friendly spaces for children and training for teachers and others whose expertise we will showc ase in future editions of this magazine.

Topics covered at the conference included, ‘Cooking Outdoors with Children’, ‘Beach Discover y Zone’, ‘Den Building’, ‘Nature Art’, ‘W hittling’, ‘Birds, Language and Obser vation’, ‘Children and Fire’ and ‘Barefoot Science’. Says a conference organiser: “The Children Learning with Nature Training Institute is a gathering of leading voices from around the wor ld. It’s about creating great environments, whether in urban settings with tiny outdoor spaces, or large r ural open spaces, as well as ever ything in between.”

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